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The first two seasons of Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story had everyone enamoured and talking. In fact, Hindustan Times has cited Karenjit Kaur Season 1 and Season 2 Brave and Sunny Leone a Hero. The story of the sensational Sunny Leone carved a niche for itself in people’s heart. This ZEE5 original Web Series helped a lot of people see Sunny Leone under a new light and appreciate her journey. The first two seasons showcased the making of Sunny Leone; these seasons made people laugh, empathise and also left many inspired. Now Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story Season 3 is streaming on ZEE5 and people are more than excited to know what inspired Sunny Leone to travel all the way to India for a reality show. Check out the season finale of Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone online.

We binged on Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Season 3 so that we can provide you guys proper insights before you decide to binge-watch it. In this season, you will get to witness events that have shaped the Sunny Leone, we know today.

Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Season 3 Review:

The four episodes of season 3 will grow on you instantly and will leave you wanting for more. All the 4 episodes reveal things that defines the contemporary Sunny Leone.

karenjit kaur season 3 seance

Episode 1 of Season 3 titled Born to be a chef is about the hard choices Sunny is about to make. The episode has been beautifully directed and the epitome acting by Sunny and other cast adds to the viewing experience. The background music also adds an extra pinch of drama to the episode.

Episode 2 of Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Season 3 titled “Princess Finds her Prince” makes you emotional and leaves you with happy tears. It is overwhelming to see Sunny single-handedly fight all those circumstances and then meet the man of her dreams. This episode sets the tone for the entire series and also leverages enough gyaan on finding the right person in life.

Episode 3 of Season 3 titled “It’s time to grow big” is the epitome of what a web series should be and also who this one is different from the others. The writer, director and actors have put their best craft in this episode. Here Sunny is faced with circumstances that leave her with only two options either play hard or go home.Sunny decides to battle the news of her father suffering from cancer like a true warrior and continue with her hustle.

Episode 4 of Karenjit Kaur-The untold Story season 3 titled “Flight to India” shows Sunny making some tough choices and taking a sharp turn. From the gloomy world of the porn industry to mainstream Reality TV, Sunny goes through a lot and that too with utter braveness. The episode leaves the audience with admiration for Sunny Leone. You are going to love each and every moment of this episode because it is the story of a girl from a middle-class family leaving her dream life.

Why one must binge-watch Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Season 3 today?

  • It is an emotional roller-coaster ride. Season 3 has its share of fun, humour and emotions. The season 3 touches varied chords and important aspects of Sunny’s life.
  • It gives the story of Sunny Leone themuch-deserved closure, which will help you understand her choices in life. It also helps you understand what goes behind the curtains and leaves you highly-inspired.
  • The story of Sunny Leone meeting Daniel challenges all stereotyped romance and introduces you to a new kind of romance.

As mentioned earlier, Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story season 3 is the epitome of writing, acting and direction. Everyone from the writer to director has put their best foot forward to make the finale season a memorable experience. You simply cannot contain yourself from binge-watching the entire series once you have started.