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Prime Original confirm that Julia Roberts Starr Homecoming is divided into two seasons. The series released on 2nd November 2018. Here for your more information, story, cast and maker’s information available.

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Julia Roberts start web series Homecoming will be streaming on prime video from November 2018.

Prime video Homecoming has received a positive response from critics. It’s 51 intriguing and very stylistic. In this series, Julia Roberts is built like a puzzle box. Story weaving between the past and present that often threaten to fall apart under its own weight. The cast of the prime original Homecoming’s brings emotional depth to a show that could easily feel paper-thin.

Homecoming divided into two seasons. The first season made up of 10 half-hour episodes.


Prime Original released the teaser and also released the trailer for Homecoming. If you show Prime Original Homecoming trailer than you must realize that it’s wow and mind-blowing. The story of the Homecoming is set for Heidi (Julia Roberts), who works at a Geist Group Facility. She helps soldiers in making a smooth transition to civilian life.

Heidi (Julia Roberts) hits a barrier which makes her move out of the point and find for a fresh job. But why she seeks out a new profession? It’s questions to find in the series. Julia Roberts played the leading role as a Heidi, a caseworker. She works as a caseworker at a Secret Government Facility.

The trailer’s entire atmosphere is dark and dismal. Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) living with her mother and working as a waitress. In this season she working for Yong military veteran Walter Cruz (Stephan James) as his caseworker. Overall Prime Original series has best cast and story. It’s interesting, suspense and psychological series. In my opinion, it’s the best to watch for psychological fans and Julia Roberts fans.

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  •  Four-time Academy Awards nominated and one-time winner of Oscar Julia Roberts played leading role as a Heidi Bergman. Military officer Walter’s caseworker. She employed at a secret government facility. Julia works wonderfully in her role as a Heidi. We all know that Julia is the most famous celebrity and the most powerful in her role. She was perfect in her role as Heidi. She won three Golden Globe Awards and also nominated for best actress categories in Academy Awards and also Winning the Oscar for Best Actress for “Erin Brockovich”.
  • Stephan James played the role of Walter Cruz. Walter is Yong military veteran. Walter is the client of Homecoming facilities.
  •  Bobby Cannavale played the role of Colin Belfast, who works as Heidi’s supervisor.
  •  Shea Whigham played the role of Thomas Carrasco, administrative at the department of defense investigating
  •  Alex Karpovasky played the role of Craig as an employee.


The Prime Original web series Homecoming created and directed by Sam Esmil and written by Eil Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg.


Overall this series showed that best and interesting concept. In the cast, Julia Roberts is the best. With the talented writer and director, the series making is best to watch.