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Dogs Of Berlin :- Second German Series Of Netflix
2.7Overall Score
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Netflix produced second German series after Dark. Dogs of Berlin is an upcoming web television series after the good response of first German web series Dark on Netflix, They go to second German series, The first series have 10 number of episodes.

Netflix second German series Dogs Of Berlin released on December 7, 2018.

Review And Rating

Dogs of Berlin is a very entertaining series that pats focus on Germany problems with immigration. In this series shown murder investigation. Dogs of Berlin’s characters deal more with their own lives overall mystery is shown well in dogs of Berlin. But bad things of series is boring story plot and it’s not connect with people entire cast works very well. Camera and specifically set design are amazing.


Release date7th December 2018
Ratingcoming soon
Total no. of episode,10
Total play timeComing soon
Official steaming siteNetflix
CastFelix Kramer, Anna Maria Mühe, Urs Rechn, Katharina Schüttler, Fahri Yardim, Sebastian Achilles, Antonio Wannek, Hannah Herzsprung
DirectorChristian Alvart
Dogs Of Berlin team

Story Of Dogs Of Berlin

The story of Erol Barkan (Fahri Yardlm) and Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer) who works as a police officer. Currently, they investigate on murder. It’s a murder of the fictional German – Turkish football star Orkan Erdem.

The show Dives deep into Germany’s capital city, Where different cultures and lifestyles collide in a melting pot of hopes, dreams, and future.

In the investigation, the list of potential suspects is long. Neo-nazis from Berlin – Marzahm, The Turkish family of the football superstar football fans, the Berlin Mafia or any chain of evidence available. How they solve this case? Who was murdered? many questions put in this series.

Netflix German series Dogs Of Berlin is expected to be filled with mystery, suspense, and secret political agendas.

The writer-director of Dogs Of Berlin Christian Alvart said ” To develop a 10 episode show that combines innovative storytelling with complex and unique characters is very exciting for me as an author and director. I wanted to tell the story of these Dogs for quite some time and I am very much looking forward to finally bringing them to live together with Netflix’s creative team.”

Cast Of ‘Dogs Of Berlin’

Fahri Yardim

Fahri Yardim

Fahri Yardim is a German actor of Turkish descent. Fahristorytelling working as Erol Birkan who investigate the murder of German Turkish football star Orkan Erdem.


Felix Kramer

Felix Kramer

Felix Kramer working as a Kurt Grimmer, a partner of Erol Birkan. Both investigate this case.


Makers Of Dogs Of Berlin

Christian Alvart is writer and director of this funtastic Netflix german web series.