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Carmen Sandiego
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A video game in 1985 which name is Carmen Sandiego. Peoples are crazy about this game because of games concept, graphics, and playing styles. Books, television and in the comics, Sandiego famous in the ’90s. Now Netflix turned this game into their Web Series. Yes, with the same name “Carmen Sandiego” will be streaming as Animation series on Netflix. On 18 January 2019, the series released on Netflix.


Release date18 January 2019
Total no. of episode,9
No. Of Season1
Total play time24-33 min
Official steaming siteNetflix
Voice CastGina Rodriguez,Finn Wolfhard
WritersDuane Capizzi
DirectorJos Humphrey
Kenny Park
producersCaroline Fraser
C.J. Kettler
Anne Loi
Kirsten Newlands

A Story of Carmen Sandiego

Netflix this series is a story of thief Carmen, a villain, an intelligent and master thief and Chief of criminal organization VILE. In this Netflix Series shown Carmen as a Star. Carmen is a character that steals from other thieves.

In the series, make like a game (it means that when you watching the series at that time you imagine like a game) because of these series show that players find the Carmen. In the trailer shown peoples ask the questions like, “Where is Carmen Sandiego?” but nobody asking like “Who is Carmen Sandiego?”. In this series shown that iconic woman will be returned to steal from other thieves with new drama and mystery.

It’s very entertaining to us and educational series for Kids and Adults. Main things of this series that we learn that who you are. As we know that, series make from the computer games and it’s interesting to show how player find Sandiego.

In the first season of the series approximately 20 episodes have in the series.

Cast of Carmen Sandiego

  • Gina Rodriguez
    Gina Rodriguez
    Gina Rodriguez gave voice in the leading character Carmen. Gina Rodriguez is three-time nominated in Golden Globe Award in best actress category.
  • Finn Wolfhard
    Finn Wolfhard
    Finn Wolfhard gave voice in as a Player in this series. Finn is the most famous child actor in the Netflix popular web series Stranger Things as the role of Mike.
  • Abby Trott
    Cast of Carmen Sandiego- Abby Trott
    Abby Trott gave the voice of Ivy, who helping Carmen.
  • Michael Hawley
    Cast of Carmen Sandiego- Michael Hawley
    Michael Hawley gave the voice of Zack. Zack works with Carmen. Zack is the brother of Ivy and both are working with Carmen.
  • Rafel Petardi
    cast of Carmen Sandiego- Rafael Petardi
    Rafael Petardi gave the voice of Chase Devineaux. Devineaux is French Interpol Agent who turned in A.C.M.E. Detective.

Makers of Carmen Sandiego

This animation series will be produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with DHX Media.